Reboot Lounge (Reboot Sessions): 

Reboot Lounge
Reboot Sessions are 30 minutes sessions that combine 4 proven modalities in order to calm the nervous system, boost immunity, and optimize one's health and wellness. When we are under constant stress, our body stays in a fight-or-flight state; over time, this decreases our health. Sometimes, it is necessary to have an outside stimulus in order to shift our bodies from fight-or-flight to rest-relax-and-recover where our bodies can rest and heal. 

Reboot Sessions leave you feeling rejuvenated, more centered, and able to handle stress better in just 30 minutes!  

The Reboot Lounge Session includes:
• 4 proven modalities that turn off your stress response (Acupuncture, Essential oils, phototherapy patches, Brainwave entrainment)
• Nervous system reboot to feel calmer and more grounded
• A better night sleep
• More energy for the next day
• Feeling completely rejuvenated like a day at the spa, but in 30 minutes!

Reboot sessions do not require an exam, and they are more general relaxation sessions. When the patient comes in, they pick a Brainwave entrainment music track to listen to (e.g. pain relief, anxiety release, abundance meditation, etc.) and an essential oil. Based on which track and oil is chosen, corresponding phototherapy patches and acupuncture points are used to tailor the session to each patient's specific needs and help them reach optimal relaxation, health, and wellness.